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Massage Services

Tantric Massage

Tantric massage has been practised for many years and has become very popular for a reason. This style of massage makes you feel senses that heal and improve your body. The word tantric derives from “tantra” which means logic or reason. Tantra means to do something in a logical manner, and when you experience tantra, you will understand the meaning. Our masseuses have years of experience which makes them experts on being able to unlock all your problems.

Tantric massage consists of our masseuses using their naked oily body to sensually energise every part of you. This helps to heal and de-stress you to give you complete relaxation of your body and soul. There are many benefits to this type of massage including helping your sexual organs and this is what’s makes this massage so special. The head of Lingam is very sensitive which the masseuses will pay special attention to which will create waves of energy. When you are on the brink of orgasm the masseuse will hold back and encourage you to take deep breaths. Then once you are relaxed again the masseuse will start the process again and bring you close to orgasm and then back off again. The reason for this is that it will help you to control your ejaculation which intern allows you to achieve longer , more intense and more pleasurable orgasms.


Body to Body

Body to Body massage is very intimate and a perfect way for you to release the stress of every part of your body. As you can see from the girls profiles that they are stunning women, so can you imagine having their slim figures massaging your body which reaches different senses that you have never felt before. Having their body glide up and down is an experience like no other and these girls really know how to please you.

Before every massage our girls prepare the environment so that you start to feel the effects from the moment you step foot through the door. The girls make sure that they are clean and oiled just before they start. This type of massage is a process so nothing is rushed into. They will start of slow making your feel more relaxed and from there they will continue to push the senses of your body. The massage works deeply into the tired muscles allowing the body to release toxins that were trapped in your system. What is great about this massage is that it does deep into your muscles and unlocks all the stresses that may have been built up over the day, week, or month. You will experience this from head to toe leaving no part of your body untouched. So if you would like to experience to body to body then please make a booking.


4 handed massage

The four handed massage is extra special for the main reason that you will have fours hands rubbing all your problems away. Each one of our masseuses are very talented so you can only imagine having to of them work on your body at the same time what the outcome will be. Remember that with Luv Asian you can choose which masseuses you would like to take care of you , so please feel free to browse through the girls profiles and see which two girls you would like for your 4 handed massage.

This massage brings balance to both the body and mind of the client. As there are four hands at work it allows you to experience multiple senses all at the same time. The two therapists work in a complementary way but do not mirror each other. Our girls have practised this art of massage for many years which is why their routine will never fail to impress. Working there hands in an incredible motion will not leave any part of your body untouched. They will work all the knots and stresses your muscles will have locked in and will do so in such a pleasurable way you will not realise that they have worked so deep into you muscles. 4 hands are better than two which is why nothing can beat this massage. We make sure that whatever type you choose you experience with us will be extraordinary. So if you would like to have two of our beautiful masseuses work their magic then the 4 handed massage is defiantly for you.


Nuru massage

The Nuru massage is what we like to call the slippery one as it is performed with a special kind of massage gel called Nuru Gel. The word nuru comes from the Japanese language and means “slippery”. The masseuses are trained very well in this type of massage and will have you feeling incredible by the end. The nuru gel is cool and comfortable when it is applied to your skin. The gel allows you to experience different senses which make for a very pleasurable experience. What we like our clients to know is that yes all of our masseuses give you ultimate pleasure but they always help restore your muscles and treat any problems you have physically and mentally.

The masseuse will rub your entire body with the gel and will also use her naked body to stimulate your senses. The nuru gel is made from deep seaweed and is transparent, tasteless, odourless and extremely slippery and smooth. This massage also helps improve you sexual organs and gives you complete pleasure leaving you relaxed at the end of the massage. The main benefit of the this type of massage is the gel which works deep into your muscles and allows you to experience different types of senses. At the end you will be wiped down to remove any of the gel that remains. Once you have stepped into the room you will be taken care of by our masseuses and they will make sure your experience with them is truly special. So if you would like the Nuru massage then please feel free to give us a call.