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4 Hands Massage

The four handed massage is extra special for the main reason that you will have fours hands rubbing all your problems away. Each one of our masseuses are very talented so you can only imagine having to of them work on your body at the same time what the outcome will be. Remember that with Luv Asian you can choose which masseuses you would like to take care of you , so please feel free to browse through the girls profiles and see which two girls you would like for your 4 handed massage.

This massage brings balance to both the body and mind of the client. As there are four hands at work it allows you to experience multiple senses all at the same time. The two therapists work in a complementary way but do not mirror each other. Our girls have practised this art of massage for many years which is why their routine will never fail to impress. Working there hands in an incredible motion will not leave any part of your body untouched. They will work all the knots and stresses your muscles will have locked in and will do so in such a pleasurable way you will not realise that they have worked so deep into you muscles. 4 hands are better than two which is why nothing can beat this massage. We make sure that whatever type you choose you experience with us will be extraordinary. So if you would like to have two of our beautiful masseuses work their magic then the 4 handed massage is defiantly for you.