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Tantric massage has been practised for many years and has become very popular for a reason. This style of massage makes you feel senses that heal and improve your body. The word tantric derives from “tantra” which means logic or reason. Tantra means to do something in a logical manner, and when you experience tantra, you will understand the meaning. Our masseuses have years of experience which makes them experts on being able to unlock all your problems.

Tantric massage London consists of our masseuses using their naked oily body to sensually energise every part of you. This helps to heal and de-stress you to give you complete relaxation of your body and soul. There are many benefits to this type of massage including helping your sexual organs and this is what’s makes this massage so special. The head of Lingam is very sensitive which the masseuses will pay special attention to which will create waves of energy. When you are on the brink of orgasm the masseuse will hold back and encourage you to take deep breaths. Then once you are relaxed again the masseuse will start the process again and bring you close to orgasm and then back off again. The reason for this is that it will help you to control your ejaculation which intern allows you to achieve longer , more intense and more pleasurable orgasms.